Important Info

Important Information

This information is to help make everyone’s stay safe and enjoyable.

Emergency Contacts:
Emergency phone 09 4327590 & press “2” or go to the office for assistance or if office closed press “call” button outside the office door to contact staff for assistance.

Fire a long, loud siren sounds for our volunteer fire brigade to alert them. This siren will stop after a short time. Please do not panic if you hear this, we will inform you if it is an emergency for us. Tsunami a high pitched, continuous, alarm sounding siren will sound if our area has a tsunami warning. If this siren sounds please ready yourself to evacuate immediately. Staff will inform you of evacuation procedures in this event.

Assembly point is beside camp office. Please follow instructions from staff.

Departure Time:
By 11am – please vacate the site by 11am to allow us to mow and prepare the site for the next camper arriving. Late check-out fees may apply after this time.

To be consumed on your site or cabin area only, please.

Sorry no animals are permitted in the park at any time as we need to comply with doc rules.

Bicycles / Skateboards:
Sorry no bicycles, skate/roller blades, scooters or skateboards are to be ridden in the grounds. This is for safety reasons, please push or carry them out to the street and ride from there.Bbq: hours of use 8:00am – 9:30pm. Please clean bbq’s after use.

Boats /Jetski:
Please park boat/jetski in designated boat park areas – see map. Boats/jetski are not permitted to be parked on campsites.

Boat Wash Hours 8am – 9pm
Gold coin donation please, in the green box at fish cleaning bench.

For your child’s safety & wellbeing please supervise them at all times in amenity blocks, bbq and playground areas.

Cleaning of Amenities:
All amenities blocks will be cleaned between 9.30Am and 1pm daily. Please follow all signs and staff instruction. For your own and staff safety, we cannot allow entry while cleaning is in progress – one block only will be closed at a time so there will be facilities available for use at all times.

Conduct & Noise:
Our quiet time is from 11pm to 7am. Please keep noise to a minimum between this period and be considerate to other campers. Reasonable behaviour is expected at all times. If you have any concerns or wish to complain please either contact the office or push the “call” button by the office door.

Not permitted to be flown within the camp or doc estuary area.

Dump Stations:
Chemical toilets/wastewater – please empty your cassettes for grey & black water into allocated dump stations. These areas are marked on the map. You must have a container to collect your grey water from your van, please do not let it run onto the ground. Camp 4 dump station is accessible by vehicle. The other two stations are accessible by foot only. Please use the hose to rinse off concrete pad once you have finished.

EWOF (Electrical Warrant Of Fitness):
All caravans & campervans must have a current warrant of electrical fitness visible & comply with lpg standard (nzs5428 1996) to plug into our campground power outlets.

Sorry not permitted. Due to a complete fire ban on all doc property.Fire: gas cooking only – charcoal/wood barbecues, braziers, open flame fish smoker or any other open fires are not permitted to be used in this park. There is a complete fire ban on all doc property.

Fish Cleaning:
See designated area- see map/please wrap bodies & place in wheelie bins/no bait in camp fridges or freezers, please.

Gate Card:
Please scan card to enter and exit. This card is for registered campers only & to be used for their camp registered vehicles only. Each vehicle requires its own gate card. Please do not swap to use on other vehicles or follow other vehicles through the gate. A lost gate card will incur a $25 replacement fee.

Opens at 6am and closes at 10pm please wait until barrier arm closes before using your gate card. If returning outside these hours please park in visitors carpark and walk in.

Grounds / Banks:
To help protect our trees and future shelter & shade, we ask you to please keep off the banks and out of gardens.

Coin operated ($2 coins required). Washing machines and dryers – $4.00 Wash & $4.00 Dry.

Lost / Found Property:
Please inform the office of any lost or found property.

Hours of use are 7.30Am to 10pm. Please supervise your children in this area.

Privacy Act:
Unless you inform us in writing prior to your stay, any enquiry how to find you while you are staying here will be directed to your site/cabin.

No refunds are given for cancellations or early departures due to indifferent weather or other circumstances. Days booked are days paid for. Please see refund policy on your booking.Rubbish: we have provided recycling bins, please help us to look after the environment and use the correct bin. Please wrap any broken glass or any sharp objects. Thank you.

1 Token = 5 minute shower. Tokens are available for purchase from the office.

Smoking & Vaping:
Cabins, park buildings, playground & bbq areas are smoke & vaping free. Failing to respect this policy could incur a cleaning fee and be liable for any damages incurred. Smoke alarms are fitted in all buildings.

Powered sites – electricity can only be connected via an approved isolating transformer or rcd safety switch – campers lead must be supplied by campers – we do not supply these, sorry.

Please park in designated parking areas, not on campsites. Refer to map.

1 Vehicle per site. Speed 5kms. No car movement between 10pm – 6am. No washing vehicle on campsite, only in the boat wash area. Please no parking on empty sites, walkways or roads. This is for the safety of campers, failure to follow rules could result in your vehicle being denied.

Visitors hours are from 8am to 10pm. Visitors are required to register in the visitors book at the gate entry as they enter the park. Visitors must adhere to the camp rules & are your responsibility. Visitor car parking area is beside the entrance to the holiday park.

Water at all the taps indoor/outdoor is safe for drinking, it is from our local council town supply. It is metered so please help conserve water. Please, no water bombs, slides or pistols.


Site Set Up

All caravans/tents (including awnings must be positioned inside the dotted lines to give a 3m gap between sites. Only 1 campervan or 1 caravan & awning per site. Caravan drawbar must face towards the road. Tent walls must be within dotted line area. Ropes may go out to site boundary lines. Campervans must park parallel to the dotted line, facing the front or back of the site.
Sites are 5m wide x 8m deep inside dotted line area.

PLEASE NOTE Management reserves the right to refuse admission and to remove from the campground any person who in their opinion does not conduct themselves in a decent and reasonable manner. If any of these rules or Health & Safety & Fire Regulations are breached, you may be required to leave the park without a refund. Any violence, possession of drugs, excessive consumption of alcohol causing nuisance will result in eviction.


Cancellation Policy & Procedure.

Due to the nature of our business cancellations affect us significantly, therefore, we apply a strict cancellation policy.

If we are unable to replace your cancelled reservation, the following charges will apply:

Cancellations made earlier than 30 days prior to arrival, we will retain the deposit and every effort will be made to rebook the cabin/site and, if successful, the deposit will be refunded.

Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to arrival date or upon arrival, 100% of the total fee to be paid will still apply. Every effort will be made to rebook the cabin/site and if successful, the number of days rebooked will be refunded.

Deposits are non-refundable.
Under special circumstances for cancellation of booking, a refund can be applied for to the Management; this will be at the discretion of Management and Board.

No refunds are given for early departures.