Summer COVID Information

Kia ora Campers,

With the Summer holidays nearing, there is lots of uncertainty amongst us all regarding Covid-19.
This Summer will certainly be different to what we are all used to.
Our main priority continues to be the safety of our campers, visitors, and staff. And so, we will be  doing our best to provide a safe holiday and working environment for us all.
When the traffic light system starts begins, we are of the understanding that we will be able to operate under all light levels, and the new Covid Vaccination Certificates (CVC) will also be required to travel around New Zealand. This will help with what we are in the process of planning.

Here are the things we are looking at implementing to make your stay as safe as possible.

1. Full vaccination required for people aged 12 or over

As a tourism operator, we do not come under the current provisions for compulsory vaccination. We  are currently waiting for the Government to complete a risk assessment that will determine whether holiday parks can implement a “no jab, no stay” policy.
In the meantime, we wanted to inform you of our position on this matter, as we wish to implement this policy as soon as the Government says we can. We hope to confirm this with you all by 3 December 2021.
Under a “no jab, no stay” policy, everyone who is eligible must be fully vaccinated. Campers will be required to show their CVC on arrival or via a registration email that will be sent before arrival.
You still have time to get fully vaccinated before Christmas if you wish to holiday with us.

2. Wristbands

All campers (and visitors) aged 5+ will be required to wear a wristband for the duration of their stay/visit. This will be compulsory so we can ensure those in camp are meant to be here; anyone not wearing a wristband will be asked to leave.

3. Day Visitors

Visiting hours will strictly be from 9am to 8pm. Visitors’ hours may change if there are any new concerns for the safety of our campers.
Under a “no jab, no stay” policy,  visitors would be required to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination on arrival.
Visitors must register with the office between the hours of 9am and 6pm. They will be given their own wristbands to wear.
We are asking that visitors be kept to a minimum.


4. Staff & Contractors

All staff and contractors are fully vaccinated.


5. Number of people staying on site

This summer we will not be allowing extra people to come and stay on your site. We are wanting to keep a safe environment for everyone so do not want to encourage overcrowding on sites.
If you have friends wanting to come and stay, they will need to book their own sites.
If you have an older child/ren or children in shared custody who may come and stay, we will need this information before 1 December 2021.
No booking, no stay.

6. Mask wearing

Face masks must be worn at the reception area. We ask that you wear face masks in the amenity rooms also.

7. Tracer App Scanning

Please scan the tracer app when you check-in at the office, enter an amenity block, and whenever you re-enter the campground.

8. Safe Distancing

Please keep 2m distance from others you do not know, and safe distancing must be practiced in communal spaces.
For family and friends, we ask you to respect your neighbours by keeping your gatherings on site small.

9. Amenity blocks

We will have different Covid Tracer Apps on each block to allow for camper’s scan when using these facilities if they wish. We ask visitors to please scan when using these blocks.


10. New Year’s Eve

This will be a quiet event with restricted numbers of visitors for this evening and could possibly have restricted hours too.

11. Playground

This will be for camp kids and registered visitors’ kids only. Children must be supervised.

12. Covid outbreak

If there is an outbreak in our Ruakaka area or possibly in our Holiday Park, we will follow the Northland District Health Board instructions.

14 January 2022

The Government plans to give us all an update on this day and make any changes necessary, so please be aware the way we operate could change on or after this date.

We are mindful that not everyone will agree or be happy with these changes we are in the process of implementing, but we feel these are important for everyone’s safety.
We hope this information helps answer some of the questions we have been asked lately and offer some clarity around the situation while we wait for the Governments’ final decisions.
We will advise you once these protocols have been implemented, which should be by the 3 December 2021.

Stay safe and take care,
The Team at Ruakaka Beach Holiday Park